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© 2023 Nicolas Gebbe


Nicolas Gebbe is a 3D artist, filmmaker, and sounddesigner born 1986 in London, currently working in Frankfurt am Main / Germany.

2018 he receives his art diploma at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach with a film major. He focuses on experimental 3D animation and hybrid film formats.

2022 his short "The Sunset Special" premiered in Locarno and won the Hessian Film award (Hessischer Filmpreis "Bester Kurzfilm") and participates in the "Emerging Artists" program by AG Kurzfilm and German Films. His short "Lockdown Dreamscape VR" won the VR Storytelling award at LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt.

Inspired by architecture and everyday objects he creates digital worlds in 3D environments. In his work, existing spaces that surround us - and our habitual movements within them - are put into relation with digital realities. Separated attributes of these places and processes are isolated, alienated, combined, distorted. Realms that would otherwise withdraw themselves from our attention, are made visible. Intermediate dimensions are exposed, viewing habits questioned. In confrontation with the digital chaos, one is challenged to reflect on their own reality.

Main software he uses is Cinema4D / Redshift / X-Particles in combination with After Effects / Premiere / Photoshop. Furthermore he uses Touchdesigner and Unity for interactive experiences as well as ableton live and max for sounddesign and interactive audiovisual builds.

Feel free to contact for commision or collaboration.

awards and exhibition



Hessian Film Funding (Hessische Filmförderung)

Receives production funding for short film project "The Sunset Special 2"

Exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien "Phantom Horizons"

The Sunset Special Exhibition Screening

Online Exhibition "Deconstructed Projections"

Ongoing exhibition at The Wrong TV

The Sunset Special (short film)

Fest Anča - International Competition of Animated Shorts

Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Emerging Artists program

Die Seriale - Official Selection

Lockdown Dreamscape (short film)

Filmfest Dresden - National Competition

Max Ophüls Preis - Short List programme

Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg - Poetry In Motion

Cosmic Rays Filmfest - Official Selection

Athens International Film and Video Festival - Official Selection

Anifilm Liberec Festival - International Competition

We Won The Fight (music video)

Go Short Film Festival - Music Video Competition

Urban Dreamscape (short film)

Ann Arbor Film Festival - Official Selection

Lockdown Dreamscape 360°

Best of Earth Fulldome award


Hessian Film Award (Hessischer Filmpreis)

"The Sunset Special" wins "Best Short".

FBW - Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll

"The Sunset Special" gets rated "especially valuable" by german film rating agency.

Emerging Artists Vol. 6 - AG Kurzfilm / Germanfilms

"The Sunset Special" gets selected for the program.

The Sunset Special (short film)

Annecy International Animation Film Festival: WTF screening

Athens International Film + Video Festival Ohio

Animateka Ljubljana International Animated Film Festival - Shorts for adults

Motovun Film Festival - Official Competition

Lago Filmfest - Official Selection

Vilnius Film Festival (out of competition)

Filmfest Dresden: Open Air Screening

Flickers' Rhode Island Int. Film Festival - Selection Semi-Finalist

Lockdown Dreamscape VR (VR Film)

Wins the LICHTER VR Storytelling award at

LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International

Leuven Short Film Festival - Official Selection VR

KFFK Short Film Festival Cologne - VR Competition

Lockdown Dreamscape 360° (Fulldome Film)

"Best Artistic Short" Award Dome Fest West

Animaze Montreal - 360° Metaverse Screening

Fulldome UK - Official Selection

Imersa Montreal - Official Selection

Macon Film Festival - Official Selection

Jena Fulldome Festival - Official Selection

Lockdown Dreamscape (short film)

Festival du nouveau cinema Montreal - Les Nouveaux Alchimistes Competition

Ann Arbor Film Festival - International Competition

ITFS International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart - International Competition

VideoEX Zürich - International Competition

We Won The Fight (Music Video)

Berlin Music VIdeo Awards - Selection Silver Screenings


The Sunset Special (short film)

Locarno Film Festival - Pardi di domani - International competition

Montreal Festival du nouveau cinéma - Les Nouveaux Alchimistes Competition

KFFK Short Film Festival Cologne

Urban Dreamscape (short film)

Animatou International Filmfestival Geneva

Short Waves Film Festival Poznan


Urban Dreamscape (short film)

Filmfest Dresden: Nominated for national competition 

KFFK Short Film Festival Cologne: Nominated for competition

Berlinale European Filmmarket Screening: Hessen Talents 

Kasseler Dokfest: Hessischer Hochschulfilmtag

Psychedelic Film and Music Festival New York City

LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International


Urban (Fulldome short film)

Jena Fulldome Festival: Wins “Janus Student Award”

Film Festival Cottbus

exhibition: NOMADS IN TRANSITION (CLB Berlin)



Scalarat (Fulldome shortfilm)

Fulldome BR Brasil 



Scalarat (Fulldome shortfilm)

Fulldome Festival Jena: Wins “Janus Creative Award” 

Fulldome UK: Wins “Best Narrative” award


Scalarat (VR short film)

Beijing Media Art Biennale

B3 Biennale Shanghai


European Media Art Festival screening and exhibition

Concept, Organisation and support of the Virtual Reality section

of the programm slot "Special: Virtual Reality" and the

talk: “BEST OF VR-ART": presentation about the roots of VR and the connection to

Fulldome. Screening of Scalarat VR


Transmission Noise Expanded (sight-specific beamer installation)

in collaboration with the Rudolf-Koch-Schule Offenbach



Biennale des Bewegten Bildes screening and exhibition

Concept, Organisation and support of the Virtual Reality section in the Architektur Museum Frankfurt and screening of Scalarat VR



Laufzeit (short film)

European Media Art Festival


Der Perfekte Ton (short film)

Fife Casablanca 


Activate Unlock (Fulldome 3D shortfilm)

Jena Fulldome Festival 



Activate Unlock Fulldome Film

B3 Fulldome Exhibition 


Feedback (Fulldome Film)

Jena Fulldome Festival 


Der Perfekte Ton 

Exhibition: HfG Satellit Berlin


Hochkant (Installation)

Exhibition: The Global Composition (Hochchschule Darmstadt)

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