Elektrische Tage by Schöne Tiere

Music Video in collaboration with "Schöne Tiere".



Flare is an interactive audio-reactive beamer installation, set up at BaseCamp during Locarno Film Festival. The visuals are controlled live by a MIDI controller, but are also organically changed by surrounding sounds and music. The wind modulates the image by determining movements in the projection surface as well as controlling digital parameters through its sound.


Glitch Visual Live Session 01

The first recording of one of my experiments with music and live visuals. I am trying to bring the visual and auditory together in an intuitive setup. The visuals should tell a story the music brings to life. They are controlled by a MIDI interface which also controls oscillators and effects. The instruments are mostly analog synthesizers.

Sound Lab


Intuitive interactive audiovisual control

Screenshot 2021-03-28 151026.jpg


2017 // interactive audiovisual installation, VVVV with Kinect, 3D environment

In a dark room, abstract, vibrating 3D structures are projected and accompanied by a rushing sound atmosphere in low frequencies, whose pulsation is reminiscent of a heartbeat. Through motion detection, the body language of the viewer is translated into variations of sound and image, resulting in a steady transformation of the virtual world that follows the human body without obeying it. The body and the digital interact, the observers themselves become the designers of the surrounding, attracting and absorbing flood of visual and acoustic stimuli. Nevertheless, they can only control these digital worlds in small parts and remain at the mercy of many of the dynamics of digital processes. They are in the role of the player and the game ball at the same time and the atmosphere alternates between fascination and disquiet.