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Lockdown Dreamscape Poster_04_small.jpg

Lockdown Dreamscape

2022 // short film , VR-Film, Fulldome Film

7min., 3D-animation

Premiere: Ann Arbor Film Festival 2022

When spending a lot of time at home in isolation, the walls begin to move. The sense of time fades, the days pass quietly, everything seems to repeat itself endlessly. Spaces, conversations, visual impressions and sounds merge and make everything seem like a long dream.



The Sunset Special

2021 // short film, 17min., 3D animation

Premiere: Locarno Film Festival

Wins 33. Hessischer Filmpreis 2022 (Hessian Film Award) "Best Short"

FBW: Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll

Participant: Emerging Artists Vol. 6 - AG Kurzfilm

The Sunset Special is an interdisciplinary, multimedia project centered around an animated short film. The project deals with the effects of reality distorting imagery and narrative spread by social media and advertisement through new technologies. It examines their connection to nostalgia, desires, and wanderlust and deconstructs the perfectly customized, digital products: The idea of the unique trip, the perfect partner, the ideal life... 

Urban_Dreamscape_Website_Picture_Laurels copy.jpg

Urban Dreamscape

2020 // short film (05:00min), 3D animation

Premiere: Filmfest Dresden

With the technique of photogrammetry, Urban Dreamscape captures a snapshot of the urban facades, which so often form the background of everyday life, but are rarely the focus of attention. The facades of houses in downtown Frankfurt am Main become the set. The city can be experienced as a heterogeneous structure that is permeated by many different digital and analog spaces. Its characteristic attraction lies in the fact that it unites publicly shared and divisible places and highly individual associations and thus accommodates both open spaces and areas of tension. In the form of an animated collage, abstract images are made visible that are otherwise beyond perception. They form a distorted dreamscape that is inspired by subconscious visual inputs, mixes with thoughts, changes with moods, extends through sound.

Screenshot 2021-04-04 224136_small.jpg

Transmission Noise

2016 // short film (05:53) (+installation) 3D animation, found footage

Monotonous instructions constantly influence every movement. Following the directions should promise the proper execution and success of any action. However, the overwhelming mass of information and communication errors between sender and recipient leads to an overload of the actor. Information is misinterpreted and execution becomes incorrect. Contexts can no longer be recognized and problems cannot be properly solved. Individuals have reached their limits and cannot keep the system working.

Transmission Noise addresses the increase in pressure and complexity in everyday life due to increasing digitization, individualization and new challenges in performance society.

Screenshot 2021-04-02 155708.jpg


2013 // short film (02:16)

Premiere: European Media Art Festival

The electronic devices control the rhythm. Their rigid time framing is broken open and reorganized. 

Screenshot 2021-04-02 161131.jpg

Der Perfekte Ton 

2012 // short film (10:14)

A person tries to find the "perfect sound". Hoping to find it, he has pieced together complex machinery for many years. In a secluded, underground cellar vault, he uses crafting tools to extract sounds from objects. Bundled with the help of a computer system, they produce experimental audio. The place and the objects develop a  life on their own. Day after day, the search continues but is interrupted again and again by failures.

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