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The Sunset Special 2

2024 // short film, 19min., experimental animation

Premiere: Curtas Vila do Conde

Distribution: Square Eyes

Supported by: HessenFilm 

This exclusive luxury cruise presents itself as the perfect holiday and family utopia. However, all artificial facades of this attractive consumer product dissolve, as a psychedelic dream world unfolds, illusions break and the crude reality beyond superficial comfort is unveiled.

The Sunset Special is an interdisciplinary, multimedia project centered around an animated short film. The project deals with the effects of reality distorting imagery and narrative spread by social media and advertisement through new technologies. It examines their connection to nostalgia, desires, and wanderlust and deconstructs the perfectly customized, digital products: The idea of the unique trip, the perfect partner, the ideal life... 

The Sunset Special 2 - Trailer

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