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Urban Dreamscape

2020 // short film (05:00min), 3D

With the technique of photogrammetry, Urban Dreamscape captures a snapshot of the urban facades, which so often form the background of everyday life, but are rarely the focus of attention. The facades of houses in downtown Frankfurt am Main become the set. The city can be experienced as a heterogeneous structure that is permeated by many different digital and analog spaces. Its characteristic attraction lies in the fact that it unites publicly shared and divisible places and highly individual associations and thus accommodates both open spaces and areas of tension. In the form of an animated collage, abstract images are made visible that are otherwise beyond perception. They form a distorted dreamscape that is inspired by subconscious visual inputs, mixes with thoughts, changes with moods, extends through sound.

Filmfest Dresden: Nominated for national competition 

Kurzfilmfestival Köln: Nominated for competition

Berlinale European Filmmarket Screening: Hessen Talents 

Kasseler Dokfest: Hessischer Hochschulfilmtag 

Animatou International Film Festival Geneva

Short Waves Film Festival Poznan

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